Turkish Granit Properties

Turkish Granite with the minerals from the process of formation it has a strong and durable structure. Felspar, quartz, and mica are minerals that Turkish granite contains and it is a special and strong building material. Turkish granite has different colors and it gives protection to all external factors. Due to its structure,it doesn’t need special care and has a high resistance to all factors. Turkish granite is frequently preferred in building and create an artistic look for architectural buildings.

Turkish granite is a magmatic stone and it has a granular structure. Turkish granite has been used from past to now and it is a special part of the architecture and can be used in almost all interior and exterior places. Turkish granite is a favorite building material in today’s world and after processing, it is prepared for usage in many areas. The process of granite needs high technology and experience. Granices, with our background and experienced staff, are ready to make art on Turkish granite.

Turkish Granit Blocks and Prices

Granite is mined as block and it is sent to factories to be processed. In factories, granite is processed for application areas. In that process, unused granite stones are separated to make concrete. After cutting operations and surface operations, Turkish granite is grouped for application areas. After all that process,Turkish granite is ready to use in many different application areas.

Granite block is the first and raw version of granite that is mined from quarries. In order to prepare granite as a building material, there is a need for some tools. Granices has all technological facilities and tools and continues its activities professionally. With using the highest quality granite blocks, we manufacture quality and affordable granite products.

The prices of granite blocks depend on the processes on the blocks. The process that starts after mining granite from quarries is direct affects the price of granite. That’s why in order to learn more about the price of Turkish granite slabs, you can contact our company.

Turkish Granit Surface Operations

To use granite in different application areas, there are needs for different surface operations. For an antique look, wear operation should be made whereas, for a bright look, there is a need for polishing. Turkish granite is processed with many surface operations and can be used for long years due to its strong structure. Polishing, honing, sanding, pence are some examples of surface operations on granite to make it to have different looks. The aim of surface operations is not to have a different look only, it also affects the usage area of granite products.

After honing, the surface of granite has a rough surface.That surface is suitable for wet places. In sanding operation, the rough surface is made. With that method, the slip resistance of granite is improved. Polishing operation is made to make a bright look and has a smooth surface for granite. That product has the resistance for all-weather conditions and has a bright and appealing look. One of the other surface operations is patina that it is the wear process with the help of abrasive brushes. Pench is the operation to create a rough surface on granite with high technology devices. It creates the highest resistance to slipping. The aim of burned granite surfaces to have a rough surface and obtain high resistance for fluid interaction.

Turkish Granit Application Areas

Turkish Granite is one of the strongest natural stones and it only can be broken with the stone which has a higher hardness rate. Turkish granite is mined with special machines. After mining, it sent to factories to be sized and processed to be ready for usage. Due to its strong and high endurance structure, it can be used in many different areas.

Turkish granite can be used in kitchen sinks, floor covering, bathrooms, wall coverings, stairs, elevators, tables, fireplaces, and furniture manufacturing. With these application areas, Turkish granite provides high endurance to long life usage opportunities to places. Due to long term application, Turkish granite is good for cultural transmission as like the architectural buildings from past to now,

Turkish granite especially used in exterior covering, floor covering, stairs, pavement stones, fountains, pools, columns, gardens, graves, and monuments. In short, Turkish granite is manufactured to use as a building material with a modern and artistic look in our factories.