Granices offer the best quality granite products to its customer with its experience. When thinking about the quality of quarries and the methods we use in quarries, it is obvious to understand the success of Granices. Turkey is a rich country in terms of the density and quality of granite quarries. Granices has a highly valuable granite quarry that is mainly in West Anatolia.

Our Afyon granite factory is near to our granite quarries and we try to serve granite products fast and in the best way. We have high volume manufacturing capacity in both in our factories and in our quarries. Granices has manufactured 20,000 m3 granite blocks in only the last 6 months. According to the orders and expectations of our customers, our quarries and the Afyon factory is ready to manufacture all granite products in a short time. 

Granices is the leader company in natural stones manufacturing and we are proud of being one of the leader companies in the Middle East in granite block manufacturing. With our granite quarries, we have a good quality raw material for manufacturing final customer granite product. The quarries of Granices are rich in terms of quantity to meet the requirements and orders of our customers.

Granices is ready to supply granite products to all over the world with its high quality and quantity granite products. You can contact us to learn more about our granite quarries and for other natural stone quarries.