Granices is a pioneer company in Turkey in natural stone manufacturing. With its experience in its field and high-quality natural stone products, Granices always offer the best products to all over the world. We offer the best quality granite products to all countries and have a high manufacturing capacity to meet the orders of our customers.

Granices is not only good at manufacturing granite products, but it is also good at exporting them to the world. Our Afyon granite factory is near to all important international harbors in Turkey and offers the best delivery time and options for its customers. In Izmir and Mersin harbors, we export our good quality granite products to all over the world.

Afyon granite factory and international harbors also near to our management centers that are in Istanbul and Ankara in Turkey. That’s why we can manage all manufacturing and exporting process closely and export our products with the best service.

Granices has many customers from all over the world with high satisfaction and good feedbacks. We are proud of being a good exporter of granite products and always open to new customers as a part of our company’s vision. For all your orders from different countries, we offer the best Turkish granite products and with a good export operation. We give the best services with our highly skilled employees on export granite products and on after-sales services.

For all your questions on our export process and your desires, you can contact us. Granices always care about their customer’s expectations and Granices would like to offer the best product and services to its customers from all over the world.