Welcome to the reliable and attractive world of Granices. Granices is the leading natural stone manufacturing company in Turkey. We offer in all colors, patterns, and dimensions granite blocks to our customers. In our high technology factories, we use the latest methods on raw granite blocks that are mined from our rich granite quarries in Turkey. Granices exports all granite products to all over the world with full of satisfaction due to its quality and experience on both manufacturing and exporting granite products. You can look at our web site to learn more about factories, quarries, and our export operation. You can search our granite products on our web site to learn more about the color and pattern options. But our granite products are not limited to products on our web site. You can contact us to look at all of our granite products. We have in all patterns, colors, and prices granite products. Contact us today and start to experience the difference of Granices.

Turk Granite Supplier

With its 350 million tone production capacity, Turkey has an important role in natural stone production like China and Italy. Between 2014 and 2018, Turkey had the highest marble export percentage and with that result, it is obvious that Turk natural stone is going to continue its leadership in the industry. Apart from that, the highest technology that we use in our machines helps us to produce the highest quality products. With its supplier role in Turk granite, our company aims to produce the highest quality product.

Granite is especially preferred in developed countries and granite production has an important role in Turkey. Due to the number of quarries and the low number of granite types, Turkey granite is focused on the domestic market. Turkey is a rich country in terms of natural stone production and has enough capacity to meet the needs of natural stone for itself. We export our granite production all over the world.

In the marble industry, granite stone has an important and essential role. In order to meet the increased granite needs, with our new quarries both in Turkey and other countries, we are proud of having a good role in Turkey’s granite production.

We have the highest technology devices and labor support to increase the capacity of export in granite stone production and it is one of the most important signs that shows that our company has enough capacity to be a competitive company. Turk granite supplier, Granices, is aware of its responsibility. With increasing production volume and research and development activities, Granices continues to increase the number of types of granite products.